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EduKerron International in association

with, Center for European Studies of MGM University, Federation of Intercontinental

Innovation and Research on Entrepren- eurship, Aurangabad, bring to you "Navonmesh" - Startup via Innovative Social Entrepreneurship.

All the students from a various academic background, professionals with innovative startup ideas which can help in the betterment of the community we live in and also being sensitive towards the environment can participate. This initiative will help to gain international   experience. Such ideas are the need of today's world and thus this platform will give a boost to the upcoming new innovations to enhance the development of startups in India. 


<< What is social entrepreneurship ?

<< one of the example

Success Story

We are fortunate enough to receive partner, people and participants trust that our history of foreign training and project attempts were sheer success towards the need of the time. We have gained ample enough experience to manage such events with 'win win' scenario. Let's scroll through the glimpses of our recent times of organizing international events.


First Prize Winnings...

1. Training for one week in Social entrepreneurship in one of the European or neighboring countries.

2. Networking opportunities for your startup.

3. We will sponsor the first prize, for one person; your return Airfare (economic class), local available food, accommodation and visa guidance will be sponsored.

4. All rights reserved

5. Applicant is agreed hereby registering for this contest.

Please read the rules for participating, prior to the registration.

Time Line

- 16th January 2020 will be the last day of submission.

- Till 21st January 2020 selected candidates from the participants for the competition will be informed.

- The competition will be conducted on 25th January 2020.

For any queries please contact:

Phone no: +917498411556, +919822514101 (call between 11 am-5 pm Mon to Sat)

Email id:

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