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About Us

Imagine the next generation being filled with highly employable and thriving individuals who earned their educations through years of intercontinental work studies.

At Edukerron International, we are strictly dedicated to connecting determined Indian students, Universities, Research centers with premier opportunities; such as internships abroad, summer schools in foreign universities, research & development projects writing, applying and similar explorations backed by corporate funding by European Commission and different funding agencies.

Currently, we are proud to cooperate with universities, organizations, chamber of commerce, NGO’s and related academic institutions in 50 different countries. Our expert educational consultants will help secure travel approval to various sites Globally. We promote general education throughout our community via organized events, seminars, and scholarly gathers. Edukerron International also offers local volunteer and internship opportunities that directly encourage intercultural exchanges while promoting further understanding between people of different backgrounds.

Students interested in short- and long-term opportunities abroad may seek out more details About our summer schools, youth exchange are one of the many non-formal education and youth development options available. Indian students traveling through our “Internship Abroad” collaboration is guaranteed to be matched based on their individual skills and personal experience to create the best relationship possible with a chosen company. As we journey into the unlimited potential of tomorrow, join our tireless effort in securing tools necessary for the next generation to succeed.


We at EduKerron International feel responsible for spreading values of the organization and show the significance of their implementation in everyday life.


taking initiative and necessary risk allows changes and makes things happen


we value providing professional and quality services in any field of work and emphasis this value especially to youth, to make them realize and focus on complex learning and improvement


team work is important for us and we understand that synergic effect can bring us more than individual attitude

Critical thinking

looking at problem from different angles, open mind, logics and linking knowledge from various fields and breaking barriers as the best way of finding solutions


receptiveness to new ideas, information and arguments, unprejudiced mind as the basis for tolerance and positive change


  • Formal and non-formal education

  • Youth employ-ability

  • Tourism Promotions

  • International volunteer programs

  • Vocational Education Training (VET)/ Work Based Learning (WBL)

  • Project Based Learning(PBL)

  • Intercultural experience

  • Internship Abroad

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