Center for European Studies

The concept of 'Center for European Studies', is the initiative of EduKerron International to foster the formal and non formal educational institutions by  coordinating,  partnering & consulting as a 'knowledge partner'. The constant up bringing knowledge earned by our direct and indirect active involvement in project partnership, networking job-shadowing in European countries strengthen and enriched our knowledge that could be shared among all other institutions to fulfill the need of international cooperation with Europe. 

We are open to cooperate with any potential organization i.e. Universities, educational institution, research centers etc. for the following:

- Research and Innovation Project funding (planning, networking, implementing).

- Youth Exchanges

- Faculty Exchanges

- Cultural Exchanges

- Arranging partnership and networking events

- Internship 

- Summer School 

- Higher education and scholarship opportunities (masters, PhD, Fellowship)

- Visa assistance for study abroad

- information on educational loans for higher studies

For more details you can contact us on email: or call

+91 8554007777

Our office at MGM University - Aurangabad

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