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Having volunteers from India and especially from foreign countries is for EduKerron International Foundation Trust very important and beneficial for the community. For us, volunteers have become big help and the most effective tool of emphasizing our mindset, spread the ideas and helping to reach our goals.
We at EduKerron International Foundation Trust want to meet the best the profile of a volunteer and our requirements and needs. We try to prepare activities for volunteers as much individually suitable as possible and use the best qualities and skills of individuals.
Who can participate?
We accept all kinds of people with different backgrounds, education and professional experience for short term or long term volunteering. There are many possibilities of volunteer placement, therefore we always choose and state activities of volunteers individually.

How application process takes place?

Application submitted by volunteer ->

We review Application ->

If Approved -> We will send you link through email for the Payment of 'Volunteering fees' ( managed by EduKerron Hospitality Solutions, our managing partner for registration, Accommodation, Food etc.) -> After

Successful 100% payment we reconfirm your placement through email and you are ready to fly...!

Registration fees: USD 50
One-day fees: USD 15/ day per applicant

Programs include: pick up at train/bus station or airport, accommodation, food and drinking water, transportation to the place.​


Why to pay fees for volunteering?

Volunteering fees will cover costs of your food and accommodation and other small administrative costs related to your stay. As our organisation works on principles social responsibility and philanthropy it is necessary for us to ask for small fees to cover volunteering costs.

Registration fee is not refundable. After submitting Volunteering Application Form you will receive information about Registration fees payment. After receiving registration fees from you, your stay and placement is confirmed with us.

For Everyone


All the year round

Deadline: without



For Everyone

Teaching languages


What is your native language? Do you speak other foreign language at least at communication level?

We are looking for volunteers to help as special guests in our classes. We do not expect “traditional teaching”. Help our students to overcome the fear of speaking, be creative and give them “something more”. Be proverbial cherry on the top of the cake. Be the added value. Let the students’ practice, hear different accent, show them more about your culture, geography, life of your country. Wake up their curiousness!

For short term volunteers: 2 – 12 weeks we need people to enter running classes.

For long term volunteers: minimum 3 months, maximum 12 months.

School level: college

Main languages: English, German, French (for short term and long term volunteers).

Other languages: Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Russian etc. (only for long term volunteers).

Teaching English in authentic Indian village

Are you interested in spending some time in rural area of India and is the level of your English at least general communication level? Come to teach children in authentic Indian village.

Children age: 6 – 15

We will take you to the authentic rural area near the city of Aurangabad and give you an opportunity of spending some time living with villagers and experience the life of locals.

Your duty will be to help children in local village school to improve their English, experience meeting foreign people and gain knowledge that would be hidden to them without you. Play games, use natural curiousness and interest in new things to spread the knowledge, open their minds, spread tolerance and fight prejudice and stereotypes.

If you like working with children and get into closer contact with village people, this is the right choice for you.

Train at zp sch.jpg

All the year round

Deadline: without



For Everyone

Volunteer program for coaches


Do you have experience in HR, process of hiring employees and interviewing? Bring real life experience to the youth – last year students and fresh graduated.

Length of the program: 1 – 3 weeks

Audience: college last year students and fresh gradates

India is a country with high rate of young people. Unfortunately researches show that employability of young people also formally educated is very low and the problem is lack of interpersonal skills, soft skills, communication and individual confidence.

For this program we need specialized experienced volunteers. We need someone to help students and graduates understand the importance of soft skills and train them to increase their success at interviews.

teaching music fam kids2.jpg

All the year round

Deadline: without



For Everyone

Teaching & training "Special Skills"


Do you have interesting hobby, manual skills, create handicrafts in your free time?

Are you willing to show us and teach us?

Length of the program: 1 – 12 weeks

This program is very specific as you are the creator. You approach us and reveal your “special skill”. Do you know how to dance, paint, do you create jewelry, origami? Do you know the art of photography or prepare home-made cosmetics? It can be anything you want to share!

Apply for this program, explain us more about your “special skills”, material and equipment needs, time necessary and number of people in a group to work with and we will find audience of people who want to know more and learn from you. Catch minds and hearts of people! Discover and release their inner artists!

Volunteers are usually invited to local schools and colleges to introduce themselves, their country, culture and differences with often discussions on important topics as time management, social responsibilities, women empowerment, environmental protection etc.


All the year round

Deadline: without



For Everyone

ECO programs & Farming volunteering


Length: 2 – 12 weeks

We can offer you also farming volunteering program at farms in local villages. Nature, farming, planting.

Program and schedule of combined program will be discussed and planned individually.

Environmental and hygiene volunteering is there for people who have knowledge of processes, activities
and procedures that can be implemented in areas where the problem of ecology, environmental
friendliness and hygiene issues are too serious. India has a problem of lacking waste management,
recycling and positive attitude to the environment. This type of volunteering is related especially to our
„model village“ and expected activities are linked to educating at school and also among local villagers
and perform activities depending on season and specific issues related to it.

Diana and Laura.jpg

All the year round

Deadline: without


For Everyone

Sports Volunteering


Spots Volunteering is here for those who love being active physically and are good or professional in the
field of sports. It will be appreciated if you are a professional, trainer, sportsmen or active participant in
championship of any kind but you do not need to be Messi or Phelps, proper technique and enthusiasm
is what we need.
Sports volunteers shall be placed in schools or colleges and you will help students during their P.A.
classes, preparing for events or championships and train them. It depends on your proficiency – you may
be an assistant or even a coach. You may get along with so popular cricket, rising football/soccer or
introduce new sports to the community.


All the year round

Deadline: without


For Everyone

Additional initiatives and activities


We welcome any individual initiative of volunteer in preparing short-term activities – thematic workshops, discussions, games, international evenings…. no boundaries!


Also we can create together a "Combined program"

Length: 2 – 12 weeks

Combined program is here for the volunteers who do not want to commit themselves in one place for too long. If you want to spend some time with college students, some time with children in the village and above all you would like to run course of making handicrafts, creative writing or any other special ability or show unusual hobby? We will be happy to manage schedule for you so you can give us your best.

Program and schedule of combined program will be discussed and planned individually

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