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Summer School Abroad

Gallery - Germany Summer School 2019-20

We are the sending organization of Indian students from educational institutes to foreign universities to work on various projects. PBL (Project Based Learning) is comparatively new phenomenon in India. Basically, final year students have compulsion of preparing an exclusive project to gain good grades in their academics and the available period differs from four to six weeks. In this duration, they can go abroad and work on their projects in well-known foreign universities with whom we are connected.

The context of the program is to help all the participants to gain the advanced knowledge in the form of latest methods of lecturing and research as well as enjoying the international atmosphere. As set by the traditional program itself, this program brings also regional and international professors and lecturers for a period of four to five weeks together and provides the opportunity for local and international students to learn and share their experiences.

The training must be based on the concept of on Project based learning (PBL), for the students pursuing their engineering, business management or any other fields of faculty available within hosting universities.

Gallery - Russia Summer School 2019-20


The objective is to provide an opportunity to a student to work on projects in future technology under supervision of a university, abroad. Students are expected to complete one/two projects in the technology area of his/her interest in the environment of ‘product development’ cycle. Global exposure for life skill development, focus building, long term carrier planning are other benefits.


Any student having first class in all semesters of his/her Engineering programme and has done at least two good projects in the technology of interest during his/her second/third year of engineering, is eligible for the fellowship. The students must have a track record of displaying good attitude, “Willingness to Work” and commitment. The students will have responsibility to display excellent behavior as he/she will be representing INDIA in the foreign country of the visit. He/She should have valid Indian Passport.


The training will be arranged during the month of June of every -

year for 30 days.. The final destination will depend on the area of the interest of students’ availability of resources at the location and the cost of the training.


All branches of conventional engineering studies, Business Management and leading faculties in India.  


The host University must include few Industrial/ Field visits and excursions during the period!

Expectations form the Host University: 

  • Summer/Winter School, PBL Program which will be a short duration training program conducted at Host University on various specializations. This will be targeted to promote problem or project based learning among students and provide them international exposure & guidance from your enriched faculties.

  • For successful conduction of Summer/Winter School, PBL Program, EduKerron will provide all the required efforts in promoting the program among the students, and will furnish the required assessment procedures for selecting suitable candidates for the program.

  • It is expected that host University will provide guaranteed returns in terms of educational benefits to all the student delegates reaching your campus, and satisfy their expectations to the fullest. It will be appreciated if additional facilities like accommodation, medical facilities are provided during the course of the program.

  • We will be happy to invite your faculty members as Keynote Speakers / Guest Lecturer / Invited Speakers for technical conferences/seminars organized by us in our partner universities in India.

  • We will induct your faculty member as Resource-Persons or as Advisory for our on-going research initiatives or those taken by us in future. This will develop mutual cooperation in research field.

  • We will be happy to invite students from host University at our Institutes under the proposed students exchange program and will allow for their participation in our ongoing in-house projects.

  • Medical assistance for the students during the entire period of stay.

Who can participate and How?

Any Indian student or specialist can participate in the program. We have a large network of partner organizations. We will select a the best for summer school, depending on your education, career goals and CV. Email us at

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