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Post COVID-19 Strategies & Impact in Education



Distance leearning occupies a special place in the Indian higher education system because of its major contribution in enhancing the gross enrollment ratio and democratization of higher education to large segments of the Indian population particularly to reach out to the unreached and to meet the demands of lifelong learning which has become more of a necessity in the knowledge society.

University Grants Commission (Online Courses or Programmes) Regulations, 2018 came enforced on 4th July 2018. an Institution deemed to be University under section 3 of the said Act or a University established under any State Act, which are imparting higher education or research therein by means of conducting regular classes or through Open and Distance Learning systems or through online education system that result in grant of Degree or Diploma or Certificate, in various Courses or Programmes. (Source: UGC website)

The e-learning system has gone through three stages of development. So it is possible to identify the main components of the global e-learning system: methodological, informational, soft- and hardware, personnel, regulatory, technological, planning and development. An important role in the system is played by content curators, who analyse numerous information streams and formulate their opinions. They lead the transformation of the global e-learning system at the local levels.

E-learning system development level is determined by the e-learning specialists’ qualification at the educational institution level: if they know the popular content curators, if they follow them, if they understand the ones. So e-learning systems at the educational institutions vary from primitive to highly developed. Thus, the key role in the e-learning system is played by the staff of the educational institution. The webinar is in support of ODL and e-Learning.



✅ Prof. Vladimir Kukharenko, National University of Kharkiv, Ukrain

✅ Date: 13th May 20, Wednesday

✅ Time: 01:30 PM

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