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Privacy Policy

"We, at EduKerron International Private Limited and our global affiliated companies, are dedicated to honoring your online privacy and understand the importance of safeguarding and handling any personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") that you provide to us. " The term "Personal Information" refers to any details that could be used to distinguish a person, such as a name, address, or contact information for both professional and personal use. Typically, you have the option to browse EduKerron International Private Limited's website without disclosing your identity or providing any personal information.

Tracking technologies such as cookies are used to monitor user activity on websites.

We use "cookies" and other tracking technologies on some of our Web pages. A "cookie" is a small data file that can be utilized to gather data on website usage, for instance. Certain cookies and other technologies can be used to remember Personal Information that a Web user has previously provided. Many web browsers offer options for managing cookies, such as deciding whether to accept them and how to delete them. You have the option to configure your browser to alert you when a cookie is received, or to prevent cookies from being stored. However, please be aware that if you decide to delete or block cookies, you will have to re-enter your username and password in order to access specific areas of the website, and certain sections may not function properly. Tracking technologies can collect data including Internet domain and host names, IP addresses, browser and operating system details, clickstream activity, and the timing of site access. Using cookies and other tracking technologies help us enhance our website and improve your overall online experience. We can also examine data for patterns and statistical information.

Providers of services that are not directly involved in a transaction between two parties.

When you visit or sign in to our website's third-party service providers or engage with any advertisements on our platform, we might gather data. We work with external service providers to display our ads on our behalf, and when you access our website or pages through those links, they will gather and retain your information in order to advertise related services to you.

Our third-party sales and marketing partners may gather your information from their own channels and share it with us if you have shown interest in our Programs. For instance, a partner might host a gathering and provide EduKerron International  with the information of the participants.

If third parties sell or distribute your personal information, EduKerron International  will only be responsible for providing reasonable help if you decide to take action against these third parties, and you will be responsible for any associated costs and expenses.

Rules and standards for behavior within the community.

EduKerron International  is a platform driven by community efforts, aiming to simplify the process of studying abroad. We accomplish this by ensuring our users have access to reliable information and fostering a community that promotes the sharing of knowledge. This requires a platform that is both unsoiled, trustworthy, and secure for its users. To accomplish this, it is essential for all of our users to adhere to the behavioral and conduct guidelines outlined below.


Avoid using offensive, disrespectful, vulgar, or menacing language in any way.

Please refrain from posting unrelated information or inquiries.

Do not disrespect or harass others based on their nationality, gender, race, religion, or any other differences.

Please refrain from sharing promotional content.

Please do not distribute links that lead students to WhatsApp or other apps' groups.

Please refrain from sharing any spam posts.

Please refrain from sending unnecessary messages to others unless they have given their consent.

Please refrain from sharing any incorrect or deceptive information.

Don't disclose personal or sensitive information to unfamiliar individuals on the internet.

Treat others with courtesy, tact, and consideration.

Please flag any posts that you deem inappropriate.

Respect the privacy of others and do not intrude on it.

Do not engage in the sale or provision of any services for any amount of money.

It is crucial for all EduKerron International  users to be mindful of the above-mentioned guidelines in order to ensure the platform remains up-to-date, informative, and free for all. If any member of the platform violates these rules of behavior and conduct, they will be banned from the platform.


Your agreement or permission.

By utilizing this website, you agree to our Online Privacy Policy and to EduKerron International Private Limited using Personal Information for the specified purposes and others explained when collecting Personal Information on the Web.

Protection of data and systems from unauthorized access or use.

We implement proper security protocols to prevent unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or destruction of data. We limit the access to your personal information to only those employees who require the information to carry out, enhance, or advance our services.

Updating your personal details.

We offer options for keeping your personal information accurate and up to date across most of our services.

Young individuals

'EduKerron International Private Limited' will not reach out to children under the age of 13 for promotional reasons or special offers without the consent of a parent.

Sharing and Revealing of Information

'EduKerron International Private Limited' will not lease, trade, or disclose your personal information to others unless with your explicit consent or for the purpose of providing requested products or services, or under specific circumstances.

We give the information to reliable partners who are working with or on behalf of 'EduKerron International Private Limited' under strict confidentiality agreements. These companies have the ability to utilize your personal information to facilitate communication with you regarding promotions from 'EduKerron International Private Limited' and our marketing affiliates. These companies are not authorized to share this information on their own accord.

We comply with subpoenas, court orders, or legal processes, and we also take action to assert our legal rights or protect ourselves from legal claims.

We think it's important to disclose information to address unlawful activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to people's safety, and violations of EduKerron International Pvt. in order to investigate, prevent, or take action. The terms of use of Ltd. or as stipulated by law.

We will share your information if 'EduKerron International Private Limited' is bought or merged with another company. 'EduKerron International Private Limited' will inform you before your information is transferred and becomes subject to a new privacy policy in this occasion.

'EduKerron International Private Limited' shows advertisements catered to individual preferences using personal data. Advertisers, including ad serving companies, may believe that individuals who engage with, see, or click on specific ads fit the criteria for targeting, such as women aged 18-24 in a specific location.

'EduKerron International Private Limited' does not share any personal information with the advertiser when you engage with or see a targeted advertisement. When you engage with or see an ad, you are essentially agreeing that the advertiser may assume you fit the targeting criteria for the ad.

The advertising clients of 'EduKerron International Private Limited' consist of both financial service providers, such as banks, insurance agents, stock brokers, and mortgage lenders, and non-financial companies, such as stores, airlines, and software companies.

'EduKerron International Private Limited' collaborates with vendors, partners, advertisers, and various service providers across different industries and business categories. To learn more about the suppliers of the items or services you are looking for, please refer to our comprehensive reference links.

Confidentiality and protecting information with robust security measures.

We restrict the access of your personal information to only those employees who require it to fulfill their job responsibilities and provide products or services to you. We implement a variety of physical, electronic, and procedural measures in accordance with Indian laws to safeguard your personal information. We aim to ensure that we comply with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and its related Rules in order to protect and preserve your privacy.

Non-identifying data

We gather and analyze non-personal information such as the entry points to our website, including the URLs, browsers, operating systems, internet service providers, and IP addresses used by visitors. We collect data about the pages you visit, the sequence in which you visit them, and the hyperlinks you click on our website. We only gather non-personal information to improve the performance of our website and the quality of our services.

Information that can be used to identify an individual specifically.

Any information about yourself that you provide to us through our website, app, or third-party services will be considered as Personally Identifiable Information. The collected information will only be utilized in accordance with our Privacy policy.

This comprises the details provided during the registration and profile creation, such as personal information like name, email, phone number, education, professional background, projects, and images.

The information that you share in our forums, both online and offline events, and conversations.

If you sign up for our Premium plans and need a refund or payment, we may obtain your account details from a third-party payment provider.

We gather this data through various means, such as inputting it on our website or platform, engaging with our counselors or customer support, taking part in surveys, or participating in marketing promotions. We utilize this data to tailor our platform to fit the preferences of our users, sending them customized emails, updates, and promotions for our services, and also sharing with our business partners for other related offerings. Please be aware that we do not control or oversee the actions of our third-party service providers.

Additional details/information

This type of information encompasses the following:

The content created by our users that you share with us on our platform.

Your interactions with our customer support team.

We will record your sessions with our counselors for quality assurance.

Information Utilization

We may utilize the data we gather with your permission to enroll you on our Website or Platform, to furnish you with information related to our Program and/or other EduKerron International  Services, promotions periodically associated with EduKerron International , to address your inquiries or expressed interest in our Programs, and to provide you with notifications about related EduKerron International  events, platform maintenance, or new services offered by EduKerron International  through the platform, email, SMS, or phone call.

We may utilize your personal information to offer services to you, ensure quality, and store the information for future communication purposes. For instance, EduKerron International  could offer you chat services to connect with their counsellors, and they may use and disclose your Personally Identifiable Information in order to provide these services. In a different scenario, EduKerron International  team members have the ability to form groups on our platform with fellow students and add you as a member of the group. These organizations can offer services alongside the Programs, such as program updates, information about potential employers, and more. Please keep in mind that the information shared on a third-party platform will be based on their privacy policies and your chosen settings for sharing information with them. EduKerron International  will not be held liable in any way for this matter.

EduKerron International  has the right to utilize and distribute your information in order to enhance its services and products. For instance, we may utilize our service providers (such as financial partners or surveyors) to reach out to you in order to assess the influence of our Programs on your professional pursuits. In order to achieve this objective, we may reach out to you through a phone conversation, send you surveys via email, or invite you to participate in workshops.

If any personal information collected by EduKerron International  includes pictures of you, you authorize EduKerron International  to use, reproduce, distribute, or create new works from those images and/or your likeness for the Program or for marketing, on a limited, non-exclusive basis. Your photo and employer information, testimonials, transition information, and job title changes may be used in advertisements and social media posts to showcase the accomplishments of our students.

We analyze collective user characteristics and behavior to improve our services through statistical analysis, measuring demographics, and interests.

If your Personal Identifiable Information is regulated by the EU General Data Protection Regulations, we will only use it for processing that is in our best interests.

Sharing Your Personal Data

Apart from the way we utilize your information, we also distribute your information in the following manners:

We may disclose your information to educational institutions or program organizers responsible for the program/course you are enrolled in.

If you are participating in a program funded by your employer or sponsor, or have received a scholarship from a third-party provider, we may disclose your personally identifiable information.

Service providers: We allow access to or distribute your information to other third parties who carry out services for us under strict confidentiality agreements. They are allowed to provide these services, but they are not allowed to use your information for anything else. They offer a wide range of services to us, such as billing, sales, marketing, test supervision, delivery, mentoring, recruitment advice, product information and features, advertising, analysis, research, customer support, data storage, security, fraud prevention, credit services, payment processing, and legal assistance. Additionally, we utilize third-party platforms such as Typeform or Google Forms to gather your information, which means that your data may be stored on their servers.

By registering for our Alumni and Networking services, please be aware that all information you provide will be subject to our policies. In some situations, we may disclose your personal information to other students on chat forums in order to improve communication among students.

We may disclose your information to government authorities in response to court orders or legal processes, to protect our legal rights and property, and to defend against legal claims or as mandated by law. We may disclose your information if we have reason to investigate, prevent, or take action against illegal activities or to safeguard the rights, property, or safety of EduKerron International , the Platform, our users, and our customers.

EduKerron International  can share or transfer your personal information to a new owner, assignee, or other entity in the event of a sale, merger, or reorganization involving EduKerron International  and its assets. This would only happen if the transfer is connected to all or a substantial part of EduKerron International 's business, equity, or assets that are related to your personal information.

Our business partners may receive information to directly reach out to you and offer products, services, or opportunities that they believe may interest you, such as banks or private loan companies.

Public release of information

Any data that can identify you personally and is willingly shared on our platform may be accessed by third parties for unrelated purposes without your consent. Please be aware that EduKerron International  will not be held responsible for any unauthorized use by third parties.

Combined Data

We gather and integrate data from both identified and unidentified sources for our internal and business purposes. Your personal information will not be revealed in this data.

Safeguarding of data and information

EduKerron International  takes all necessary measures to safeguard your personally identifiable information, both on the internet and in physical form, in order to prevent any unauthorized access.

Notification regarding alterations.

We reserve the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time and will notify you of any changes by posting the updated policy on this platform. This is to ensure that you are informed about the information we gather, how it is utilized, and when it may be disclosed. If not specified otherwise, our existing privacy policy is applicable to all the information EduKerron International  has on you and your account, regardless of when it was collected.

Please provide your email address and phone number.

We will keep the email and phone number of anyone reaching out to us about our services and products. We will utilize this data to communicate our promotions and updates to that individual.

Choosing to disengage or withdraw from something.

Feel free to delete your account whenever you want. When you delete your account, all of your stored data and information on EduKerron International  will be completely removed. The user must make a new account in order to access EduKerron International  once more.

Links from external sources

Our website contains a variety of links from third-party sources. These hyperlinks lead to external websites with privacy policies that do not align with our own. If you decide to share your personal information with third-party providers and they decide to utilize it, EduKerron International  will not be held accountable. Sharing your information with these websites carries a risk that you are responsible for.

Global Data Storage, Transfer, and Processing

EduKerron International  keeps your information on servers in India, but our global service providers might store your information on servers in different countries. By utilizing our services, you agree to allow your information to be stored in India or other countries. The data protection laws in India and other countries may not be as strong as those in your own country. By agreeing to share your data and/or utilizing our services, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred, stored, and processed in India.

We will ensure the privacy and security of your personal information when storing or processing it.

Statement regarding the protection and safety measures in place.

At EduKerron International , we have implemented effective measures to safeguard your personal information as it travels between users' devices and our servers. EduKerron International  will not be held accountable for any information breaches from our third-party providers, or caused by negligence or lack of proper security measures on your mobile devices or PCs.

Otherwise, paraphrase the text cleverly.

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