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Partnership offer for
organisations and companies

Great opportunity for organisations, schools, companies of all kinds!


Are you interested to have volunteers to help you with your activities?

Do you want to get knowledge from abroad? Meet professionals in their fields?


Short term or long term it is up to you. If you have placement for volunteers to help you, transfer knowledge or give you professional advices or suggestions, just let us know and we will find perfect candidate for you. This is not the opportunity to get a free employee, not to replace a regular employee. This is the way to get win win situation for your organisation and the volunteer to learn from each other, get to the state where both sides will benefit from it.


What kind of information do we need?

  • details about your organisation,

  • why you are interested in having volunteers, what is your motivation,

  • what kind of activities and help do you need, tell us more about voluteering opportunity you offer,

  • tell us more about the volunteer you need - education, working field, specific skill?

Contact us to get more information about our volunteers!

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