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EduKerron International operates in Indian state of Maharashtra, the third largest Indian state located in the western part of the country with Mumbai as the capital of the state. Our home time is Aurangabad, well known for the closeness of its historical monuments and caves of World Heritage.

How to get to Aurangabad

There is domestic airport in Aurangabad. The closest international airport is the one in Mumbai. Aurangabad is well accessible by everyday trains. There are direct trains from Mumbai, Hyderabad as well as Delhi and other places. There are also buses available from nearby localities as Mumbai or Pune.


Weather conditions

Aurangabad area is hot all the year round. You can experience very hot summer between months of March and May with high temperatures over 40°C with often thunderstorms, followed by pleasant monsoon season. The position of Aurangabad in the center of the country and Western Ghats blocking the winds from Arabian Sea causes that monsoon season is pleasant hot with rainfalls in the form of short summer afternoon storms. Continuous rain over more days is not usual here. From November temperatures get lower and bring to people very pleasant winters with warm days and mild nights.

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